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VAT & Payroll


Value Added Tax affects all businesses. When introduced in 1973 it was hailed as a simple tax but in reality it is far from that. Its rules are particularly complex, and its effects are often not considered until it's too late.
We at Rowley's recognise that VAT can be an additional administrative burden and we can offer help to businesses that do not have their own accounts department or the staff to deal with the day to day VAT issues.

We can take care of the following compliance areas for you:

  • Registration for VAT for your business
  • Cash Accounting scheme
  • Flat Rate Scheme
  • Completion of your VAT Returns
  • Advising you of your VAT liabilities and the due dates of payment to H M Revenue & Customs
  • Deregistration of your business for VAT if applicable
  • Whilst we cannot pay your VAT liabilities for you we do have considerable experience in negotiating time to pay arrangements with HM Revenue & Customs if you are finding it difficult to meet your VAT liabilities.
  • We recognise that VAT is not an easy tax to understand. We know the problems businesses are likely to face, the solutions that are available, and we can help identify the best opportunities for maximising cash flow and VAT savings
  • The maze of VAT rules and regulations means that it is essential to remember VAT in all aspects of tax planning. We have access to a team of VAT specialists who can advise.


Our payroll department can support you in all your payroll needs. We can provide specialist advice on all Personnel matters. We can handle the electronic filing of all of your payroll forms as required by H M Revenue & Customs.

Our payroll service includes:

  • Calculation of monthly/weekly salaries
  • Checking Notices of Coding from the HM Revenue & Customs
  • Provision of payslips
  • Calculating and advising you of amounts and due dates for H M Revenue & Customs payments each month
  • Dealing with all payroll issues e.g. court order deductions, other statutory payments (SSP , SMP etc)
  • Completion of the P35 form and calculation of any under or over payments
  • Submission to the Inland Revenue
  • Dealing with any queries the Inland Revenue may have regarding the P35 form
  • Preparation of the P60 forms
  • Preparation of the P14 forms

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